About Us

Since 2011, working in partnership with researchers, clinicians and policy makers, AusHSI has assisted organisations to:

  • align research activities with strategic priorities
  • develop a culture where learning, research and improvements are encouraged
  • empower healthcare professionals to implement and sustain innovations
  • identify high quality, novel research, and
  • evaluate research outcomes to guide decision making and maximise investment.

We want to make a difference

AusHSI began as a partnership between Queensland Health, The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland.

Our founding partners recognised the important contribution AusHSI could make to creating a sustainable healthcare system. Australians spend roughly 10% of GDP on health services, and this amount is growing.

There is a need to curb growth in future spending and gain good value for money by reducing waste and harmful services.

We care deeply about gaining the highest health benefits for patients from every healthcare dollar spent.In pursuit of our vision, we seek out better and lower-cost ways to deliver health services and translate these into improved practice.

Our Team

The Management Committee is the leadership and decision-making body of AusHSI. Our Management Committee members represent our funding partner organisations – The Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital, Queensland Health, Queensland University of Technology and The University of Queensland.

AusHSI Team

Our team includes internationally leading health economists, epidemiologists, statisticians, health service and implementation researchers and consultants. We share a commitment to seeking out new ideas, putting knowledge into practice and using resources wisely to accomplish more with less.

We are committed to building strong and diverse partnerships in order to grow capacity and strengthen performance. In this pursuit we have strong linkages with a number of organisations.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is:
Bringing health innovation to life.

Our mission is to enable our clients to create genuine improvements in the quality and cost effectiveness of health services.

We empower health decision-makers to implement and sustain innovations for better health services.

We do this by generating insights from research, translating knowledge into practice and promoting partnerships between clinicians and academics.

Our values are our guiding principles. They represent what AusHSI stands for and define how we behave.

Knowledge-based: “Build knowledge”
We seek out new information and put knowledge into practice.
Our actions are guided by facts.
We are independent and always behave with integrity.

Collaborate: “Better together”
We achieve more when we work together.
We build and facilitate strong, diverse partnerships.
We are open and inclusive.
By sharing expertise, we strengthen capacity and performance.

Innovate: “Enable breakthrough achievements”
We bravely challenge the status quo.
We advance new ways for better health services.
We pioneer breakthrough ideas.

Efficient: “Accomplish more”
We seek out smart ways to optimise health benefits.
We believe in using resources wisely to accomplish more with less.
We are skilled, pragmatic and impartial.