Management Committee

The Management Committee is the leadership and decision-making body of AusHSI. It is responsible for:

  • setting AusHSI’s strategic direction and ensuring its effective management
  • monitoring AusHSI’s activities to ensure they deliver promised outcomes, and
  • approving the allocation of funding, business planning and reporting.

Members represent AusHSI’s funding partners and include:

  • Jane Partridge
    Director, Health Economics and Purchasing Unit,
    Healthcare Purchasing and Systems Performance Division,
    Queensland Department of Health
  • Karen Thompson
    Senior Director
    Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office,
    Queensland Department of Health
  • Professor Ross Young
    Executive Dean
    Faculty of Health,
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Professor Gerald Holtmann
    Associate Dean (Clinical)
    Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences,
    University of Queensland
  • Dr Amanda Dines
    Executive Director
    Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital