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Dr Sonya Osborne
Adjunct Associate Professor

Sonya has worked in the area of health research since 2001 and brings to AusHSI a clinical background in nursing and a high level of expertise in quality patient care, evidence-based practice, perioperative nursing and the emerging fields of implementation and improvement science.

During her 15-year career as a health researcher, Sonya has worked for a number of well-respected hospitals and universities within Australia as a nurse researcher, educator, project director and academic. She has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and symposiums, and has been involved with several funded research projects totalling more than $500,000.

Sonya has presented and published her research both nationally and internationally, including ten book chapters and over 40 refereed papers in a variety of leading health journals. She completed her doctoral studies exploring the barriers to implementing evidence-based practice in healthcare settings, which has led to her passion for working with clinicians to translate and embed health research findings into sustainable evidence-informed clinical practice.