AusHSI Publications 2019

Please find below details of publications that our researchers have contributed to in 2019 (updated March 2019)

  1. Brain, D., R. Tulleners, X. Lee, Q. Cheng, N. Graves, and R. Pacella, Cost-effectiveness analysis of an innovative model of care for chronic wounds patients. PLOS ONE, 2019. 14(3): p. e0212366.
  2. Cameron, J.K., L. Hall, S.Y.C. Tong, D.L. Paterson, and K. Halton, Incidence of community onset MRSA in Australia: least reported where it is Most prevalent. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control, 2019. 8(1): p. 33.
  3. Cheng, Q., S. Kularatna, X.J. Lee, N. Graves, and R.E. Pacella, Comparison of EQ-5D-5L and SPVU-5D for measuring quality of life in patients with venous leg ulcers in an Australian setting. Quality of Life Research, 2019.
  4. Ekanayake, C., A. Pathmeswaran, S. Kularatna, R. Herath, and P. Wijesinghe, Challenges of Costing a Surgical Procedure in a Lower-Middle-Income Country. World J Surg, 2019. 43(1): p. 52-59.
  5. Johnson, S.R., H.E. Carter, P. Leo, S.A. Hollingworth, E.A. Davis, T.W. Jones, L.S. Conwell, M. Harris, M.A. Brown, N. Graves, and E.L. Duncan, Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Routine Screening Using Massively Parallel Sequencing for Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young in a Pediatric Diabetes Cohort: Reduced Health System Costs and Improved Patient Quality of Life. Diabetes Care, 2019. 42(1): p. 69-76.
  6. Kularatna, S., S. Senanayake, N. Gunawardena, and N. Graves, Comparison of the EQ-5D 3L and the SF-6D (SF-36) contemporaneous utility scores in patients with chronic kidney disease in Sri Lanka: A Cross-sectional survey. BMJ Open, 2019. 9(2).
  7. Lalloo, R., S.K. Tadakamadla, J. Kroon, O. Tut, S. Kularatna, R. Boase, K. Kapellas, D. Gilchrist, E. Cobbledick, J. Rogers, and N.W. Johnson, Salivary characteristics and dental caries experience in remote Indigenous children in Australia: A cross-sectional study. BMC Oral Health, 2019. 19(1).
  8. Lukin, B., J. Greenslade, A.M. Kearney, C. Douglas, T. Howell, M. Barras, and P. Good, Conversion of other opioids to methadone: a retrospective comparison of two methods. BMJ Support Palliat Care, 2019.
  9. Mitchell, B.G., L. Hall, N. White, A.G. Barnett, K. Halton, D.L. Paterson, T.V. Riley, A. Gardner, K. Page, A. Farrington, C.A. Gericke, and N. Graves, An environmental cleaning bundle and health-care-associated infections in hospitals (REACH): a multicentre, randomised trial. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2019.
  10. Wozniak, T.M., E.J. Bailey, and N. Graves, Health and economic burden of antimicrobial-resistant infections in Australian hospitals: a population-based model. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 2019. 40(3): p. 320-327.
  11. Wozniak, T.M., L. Barnsbee, X.J. Lee, and R.E. Pacella, Using the best available data to estimate the cost of antimicrobial resistance: a systematic review. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control, 2019. 8(1): p. 26.