EDDIE+ Project 2019-2022

The EDDIE+ project is funded by the Medical Research Future Fund Keeping Australians Out of Hospital initiative (GNT1177501)

A number of initiatives have been developed and implemented in the important area of hospital avoidance for residential aged care facility (RACF) residents. There is a need to expand the evidence base for these programs and approaches. This study will use a stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial design to evaluate a facility-driven hospital avoidance program in twelve Bolton Clarke RACFs in 2020-2021. This program comprises four core elements that aim to support systems, process and staff behaviour change for improved resident outcomes. This program will be based on the EDDIE program, which was successfully piloted in 2 RACFs by members of the investigator team.

Evaluation will produce evidence on the cost-consequences of the program and the outcomes for residents and health services. This new knowledge will be used to inform and support the future allocation of resources for a range of valuable hospital avoidance programs in this setting

Chief Investigators

  • Prof Gill Harvey, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and University of Adelaide
  • Prof Trudy Dwyer, Central Queensland University
  • Prof Nick Graves, QUT and Duke NUS, Singapore
  • Prof Lynne Parkinson, CQU
  • Dr Hannah Carter , QUT
  • Dr Xing Lee, QUT
  • Dr Florin Oprescu, Sunshine Coast University
  • Dr Elizabeth Cyarto, Bolton Clarke Research Institute
  • Dr Claudia Meyer, Bolton Clarke Research Institute
  • A/Prof Jeff Rowland, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Associate Investigators

  • Dr Barbara O’Neill, CQU
  • Prof Kerry Reid-Searl, CQU
  • Kaye Coates, Bolton Clarke
  • Dee Jeffrey

The study media release is here.