Research translation and implementation

This three-day course is designed to assist academic and clinician researchers in making their work more accessible and useful to policy makers, practitioners and the community.

The course combines theory with a strong practical focus, providing participants with training on the fundamentals of writing for, and communicating with, health leaders, policy makers and their peers.

Content overview

Combining theory with a strong practical focus, it will assist clinicians and health managers in selecting evidence for implementation, communicating with diverse stakeholders and evaluating outcomes.

Practical sessions will include translating a piece of the participant’s own research into a policy backgrounder, or developing an implementation plan for an established piece of research. Participants will learn about communication techniques using social and mainstream media and will undertake a media interview with an experienced journalist.

Course sessions will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Why research translation is becoming more important for researchers
  • The realities of the policy-making process
  • Engaging effectively with the media and non-academic audiences
  • Identifying research that is suitable for implementation

Who is this course designed for?

Academic and clinician researchers, healthcare professionals (regardless of experience or background), academics and students.