Victoria McCreanor
Research Fellow – Health Economics

Victoria is a Research Fellow in health services research and health economics, in a joint position with AusHSI and the Jamieson Trauma Institute (Metro North Health). She draws on a diverse background in law and science, including work in the pharmaceuticals group in an international law firm and for the National Institute for Health research in London.

Victoria’s current research includes economic modelling and complex analysis of large administrative datasets to investigate the long-term trajectories, costs and health outcomes of trauma, injury and surgical patients in Queensland. She also provides expert health economics advice for JTI research projects. Her research interests lie in generating evidence for value-based healthcare policies, to improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of health services.

Victoria McCreanor

CLAIMS: Compensation Linkage And Injury Management Study

Queensland Injury Atlas: Mapping the burden of injuries across Queensland

ePMD study: examining injuries related to use of electric personal mobility devices.

Evaluation of the RBWH Trauma Admitting Service (Metro North Health)

Evaluation of mDRIFT (multidisciplinary Device-Related InFection Team) ward (Metro North Health)

Driving Transformative Improvements in Cardiac Rehabilitation Services in Order to Enhance Outcomes Following Cardiac Events