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Allied Health – Translating Research into Practice

By June 26, 2019 No Comments

Allied Health – Translating Research into Practice (AH-TRIP) is a multidisciplinary, statewide initiative comprised of a range of strategies to build capacity in the allied health (AH) workforce and showcase examples of research translation across AH Professions within Queensland Health.

One of the key strategies to build capacity is the AH-TRIP website. This online suite of TRIP PD is designed to step clinicians through each stage of a translation project by providing ‘bite-sized’ webinars of focused key learnings and information about TRIP. These can be accessed anywhere at any time. It is designed to be used by clinicians of all levels of proficiency. You can also access supplemental resources, useful links and view real-world case studies. This platform will continue to grow and develop, so be sure to check back regularly for updates!

Another exciting element of this initiative is the AH-TRIP Showcase Event. This fun, friendly state-wide competition champions research translation excellence across allied health. It is a fantastic event with lots of opportunity for learning and networking within and between allied health disciplines.

Save the date! This free half-day professional development activity will be held at the Translational Research Institute at the Princess Alexandra Hospital on Tuesday 12th November from 12:30 – 4:30 pm.
Videoconferencing will be available however we would highly recommend attending face to face.

For more information about AH-TRIP or to find out how you can support TRIP in your department, please contact ahtrip@health.qld.gov.au.