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Dr Hannah Carter recipient- Carla Paterson Award

By December 12, 2019 No Comments

Congratulation to Hannah Carter and Stephanie Johnson who were recently announced as the joint winners Carla Patterson Publication Award.

This award recognises original research publication conducted at IHBI, which could potentially influence the health and medical fields, and ultimately,  positively impact human health.

Early career researchers Hannah and Stephanie were co-first authors on this publication “Cost-effectiveness analysis of routine screening using massively parallel sequencing for maturity-onset diabetes of the young in a pediatric diabetes cohort: Reduced health system costs and improved patient quality of life.”. You can read the full article here. This paper estimated the cost-effectiveness of screening all children with presumed type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) for maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY). Routine screening reduced health system costs and improved quality of life in this cohort. These results were robust to uncertainty.

This was the first cost-effectiveness analysis of routine screening for monogenic diabetes using targeted massive parallel sequencing (MPS). The current international guidelines for MODY recommend genetic testing on clinical grounds alone. The guidelines were created at a time when MPS testing was neither readily available nor inexpensive, factors that now increasingly apply. Our study challenges the restriction of genetic testing based on clinical criteria. We have demonstrated that routine screening is an evidence-based, cost-effective approach. This may lead to better individualization of therapy and improved patient outcomes—and may save some children from a lifetime of insulin. Hannah written a blog sharing her tips for academic writing.

List of award recipients in each category

Award Nominee IHBI Co-authors
Overall Hannah Carter & Stephanie Johnson (Joint) Paul Leo, Matthew Brown, Nicholas Graves, Emma Duncan
CDA Theme Daniel Wallace Nathan Subramaniam
CDA Theme Makrina Totsika Sohinee Sarkar, Dimitrios Vagenas
HDHS Theme Katie McMahon Greig de Zubicaray
IPTM Theme Yinghong Zhou Shengwei Han, Lan Xiao, Shengfang Wang, Yin Xiao
ECR Sri Srinivasan Carson Stephens, Janaththani Panchadsaram, Judith Clements, Jyotsna Batra
ECR Arutha Kulasinghe Joanna Kapeleris, Erik Thompson, Ken O’Byrne, Chamindie Punyadeera
HDR Farhana Matin Varinder Jeet, Leire Moya, Judith Clements, Jyotsna Batra


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