Publications tracking App speeds up grant writing

AusHSI statistician, Professor Adrian Barnett has developed an app for researchers to keep track of their publications all in one place.¬† Adrian’s app to help speed up the process of applying for research funding is proving extremely popular.

“I’ve had messages of thanks from around the country, as well as a few bug fixes and some suggestions for improvements,” said Adrian. The app is freely available here¬† All users need to do is put in their ORCID ID and the list of their publications appears as long as they’ve allowed their information to be public in their ORCID settings. The list can then be manipulated into different formats and to cover different years.

“It’s not just researchers using it, as I’ve had messages from admin staff too, saying how much time it saves them create publication lists for their team,” explained Adrian. “It’s really staggering that with all the great automated systems like ORCID, Scopus and Google Scholar, that so many of us are still expected to cut and paste our publications into Word documents. And every funder has different requirements, so it’s often a frustrating process. Really the funders should be getting the information directly from one of the many existing sources and allowing their researchers to get on with actual research.”

“I’m also hoping to create a similar app that uses Google Scholar, but I haven’t had the time this year as I’ve been too busy filling in grant application forms!”