AusHSI in Partnership with the Digital Health CRC

In 2018, the Australian Government announced $55 million in funding for the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) over a seven-year period.

The DHCRC brings together a unique, multidisciplinary, collaborative taskforce of research, clinical, industry, government and educational organisations. It focuses research and development on combining individual and collective expertise with data, information and telecommunication technologies.

QUT is a partnering university within the DHCRC, and AusHSI is leading several DHCRC projects in collaboration with partners around Australia.

Partnership projects with the Digital Health CRC

Understanding the implementation and use of digital information in Metro South Hospital and Health Service

2020 – 2023

The COVID-19 response has greatly accelerated the design and implementation of a number of digital health solutions, particularly in the fields of decision support and virtual care. There are lessons to be learned from these recent experiences of accelerated delivery of digital health solutions related to clinical informatics systems and processes. Evaluating the success of key digital health initiatives help decision makers understand when, and how, digital health services that have been implemented should be sustainably retained and supported, or removed, improved, or replaced.

AusHSI researchers are partnering with the Metro South Health clinical informatics team, who play an important role in the design and implementation of digital health solutions, including electronic dashboards, virtual health capabilities across telehealth, remote monitoring and hospital in the home (HITH), and other initiatives. The project aims to provide an in-depth understanding of how clinical informatics solutions and digital health system-associated information is being used to support patient care. This will inform directions for future activities and provide an evidence base to support the implementation, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of clinical informatics initiatives.