Government funded research

As an internationally leading research body, our talented team works on a number of competitively (Government) funded research grants.

Our current Government funded research projects are outlined in the section below:

Reducing Non-Beneficial Treatment at the End-of-Life 2018-2020

This National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded Partnership Project (APP1151923) will investigate the effectiveness and cost-consequences of an intervention to reduce the provision of non-beneficial treatment at the end-of-life. This interdisciplinary project is a collaboration between researchers from AusHSI and the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) at QUT and the University of New South Wales, University of Adelaide and the University of Queensland.

The research will build on previous published work by QUT health, ACHLR and University of Queensland researchers.

QUT Media Release 17 May 2018

Project partners:

  • QUT
  • Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association
  • Palliative Care Australia
  • Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Metro North Hospital and Health Service – The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital & the Prince Charles Hospital.

Chief investigators:

Professor Nick Graves
Professor Lindy Willmott
Professor Ben White
Professor Adrian Barnett
Dr Xing Lee

University of New South Wales
Professor Ken Hillman
Dr Magnolia Cardona-Morrell

University of Adelaide
Professor Gillian Harvey

University of Queensland
Professor Leonie Callaway

Associate investigators:

Associate Professor Will Cairns
Professor Leanne Hides, QUT
Professor Jeffrey Lipman, University of Queensland

Researching Effective Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals (REACH) Project 2014-2018

This National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded Researching Effective Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals (REACH) Project, is investigating the effectiveness of an evidence based cleaning intervention in 11 major hospitals nationwide.

In 2016-2017, each of these hospitals received tailored training and support from the study team to implement and evaluate the intervention.

The project is led by academic team members from AusHSI and the Centre of Research Excellence in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (CRE-RHAI) in partnership with Wesley Medical Research, and includes collaborations with academic partners from University of Western Australia, Avondale College, Australian Catholic University and eight national industry, professional and policy partners.

It builds on the work of AusHSI grant recipient and PhD student Michelle Allen, who conducted a pilot project of the cleaning bundle at Logan Hospital in 2014.

Findings from the pilot study have been used to refine the design of a cleaning bundle and the implementation strategies for the REACH trial, ensuring the intervention is acceptable to hospital staff, has outcomes that can be reliably measured, and is feasible to implement.

The Centre of Research Excellence – Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (CRE-RHAI) 2012-2017

The Centre of Research Excellence in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (CRE-RHAI) is an NHMRC funded research collaboration focused on developing and investigating innovative and cost-effective strategies to reduce the incidence of healthcare associated infections in Australia.

Led by AusHSI’s Academic Director, Professor Nick Graves, it brought together a diverse group of experts from clinical and academic fields to work together on research that will translate into improved infection control decisions at clinical and policy level.

The new knowledge generated by the CRE-RHAI will have a direct impact on decisions about infection control at both a clinical and policy level, with the major output of the research being information about the cost-effectiveness of infection control programs and the translation into health services.