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Professor Nicholas Graves
Academic Director

Health Economist

Nick is an internationally renowned health economist and has been the Academic Director of AusHSI since its inception in 2011.

Nick’s specialist areas of knowledge include health economics; health services research; decision making; cost-effectiveness; prevalence of high-value and low-value care and its effects on patients; healthcare associated infection; health behaviour change interventions; screening for infectious and chronic disease; and how research funding is allocated. Nick’s major focus is on showing how health services can be improved at low cost, or even improved with cost savings.

Nick has received more than $20M in research funding since 2004, mostly from international and national competitive schemes. He has made research contributions of international significance, publishing over 100 articles in top-ranking peer reviewed journals such as Nature, JAMA, BMJ, AIDS, Health Economics, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Lancet Infectious Diseases, The Journal of Infectious Diseases and Emerging Infectious Diseases.

He gained his PhD in Health Economics from the University of London, spent 10 years as Lecturer and Research Fellow with the Health Services Research Unit at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and is currently Professor of Health Economics at Queensland University of Technology where he’s worked for more than 15 years.