From Couch to the QUT Classic

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Hear about AusHSI PhD candidate Adele Van den Hoek’s running journey with the AusHSI running group, and what inspired her to complete the QUT Classic, in a recent interview with the QUT Graduate Research Network.

Help prioritise research on research

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What questions about research funding would you like to see answered by research? The Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-Research and Open Science (AIMOS) is asking people to vote to collectively find the most important questions in research funding.

Researcher Spotlight: Paul Kuwornu

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Dr Paul Kuwornu, AusHSI Senior Research Fellow - Health Economics, thinks of innovation in health services as embracing technology and change to create the right framework to deliver and improve health care.

AusHSI Statisticians in society

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Held at the University of Wollongong, the 2023 Australian Statistical Conference theme was 'Statisticians in society', acknowledging the important contributions that statisticians make as technical experts and communicators in an increasingly data-dependent world.

The path to value-based health care in Australia

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Over 200+ health system leaders gathered at the Value-Based Health Care Congress at QUT Gardens Point on 26-27 October to discuss the global Value-Based Health Care movement (VBHC), and what it means in the context of Australia.

Researcher Spotlight: Michelle Allen

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Dr Michelle Allen, AusHSI Research Fellow - Implementation Science, shares her perspective on the healthcare system and how shifting the status quo can deliver real improvements.

What is the AIMOS conference?

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If you've ever questioned typical scientific practice and wondered how it could be improved, then join us at AIMOS 2023. We can guarantee you will learn a lot about the workings of science and how we can all improve it.

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