Our Unique Approach

Our approach is based on a unique model. Its foundations are critical to our success and underpin the way we do things. These set out our fundamental principles and processes.

By combining leading-edge research knowledge with hands on experience, we generate practical insights and independent guidance on how to identify, implement and evaluate innovation for real life health practice problems.

Diagram: Bringing innovation to life

Holistic Thinking

With our broad system-level knowledge, we take a big-picture view and are able to solve complex problems.


Our team comprises a diverse range of disciplines and works jointly together to combine and apply our different perspectives and methodologies.

Clinically Driven

With our deep understanding of the healthcare environment and shared experience of clinical practice, we are able to apply insights in a meaningful way.

Active Partnerships

We build and facilitate strong and active partnerships and openly share our expertise, strengthening capacity and performance.

Research Rigour

In the rigorous, impartial pursuit of knowledge, we consider all angles and perspectives.