David Brain
Senior Research Fellow – Health Economics

David is a health economist and health services researcher with expertise in economic modelling and all aspects of health economic evaluation. Awarded his PhD in October 2016, he completed the first cost-effectiveness analysis of healthcare interventions designed to reduce the hospital transmission of Clostridium difficile infection. David has held multiple roles at AusHSI, working on diverse projects including hepatology, juvenile arthritis, medication management and diabetes.

David works across a range of clinical areas and is excited by any opportunity to improve the efficiency of health services by finding the most cost-effective approach to managing the scarce healthcare budget. He is committed to finding ways to make improvements to the health of the wider community by critically appraising the way that services are delivered and managed within the healthcare system. He also has an aversion to waste.

David Brain


Digital Health CRC

LEGEND Trial (Emergency Department/Cardiac)

CASPER Trial (Childhood Brain Cancer)