Jessica Killey
Research Fellow – Implementation Science

Jessica is a research fellow currently working within the implementation science team at AusHSI, and a practising clinical occupational therapist with 10 years experience working across public and private hospital settings.

Jessica has experience using qualitative research methodologies to better understand the priorities and preferences of patients and optimise health-related quality of life. During her PhD, she used grounded theory methodology to develop theories of how children with burn scarring and their caregivers engage with hospital treatments, and how health professionals support these families. She provided recommendations for service planning and delivery and informing the development of future interventions to support family engagement.

Jessica is currently working on projects using implementation science methods to evaluate the delivery of health service interventions. This includes patient-reported outcome measures and communities of practice for clinicians to support improved patient outcomes and health services. She is interested in exploring how to better support patient participation and engagement to ensure that healthcare delivery is patient and family-centred, giving patients a voice and empowering them to make healthcare decisions that are right for them.

Jessica Killey AusHSI