Jo Durham
Senior Lecturer – Health Management

Prior to becoming an academic, Jo was a Country Program Director and advisor in international development in not-for-profit international organisations such as the UN Development Program and UNICEF. Her role was to help improve the lives of those whose health and livelihoods were damaged by war and other disasters, working in countries as diverse as Lao PDR, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lebanon, and South Sudan.

At AusHSI, Jo brings her practical experience of working in diverse contexts to deliver the highest quality evidence based solutions for communities, health services and policy-makers. She brings her real world, contemporary experiences to the coordination of the QUT Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management (Health Sciences).

Jo is interested in understanding people’s everyday experiences of health and health services, challenging structural determinants of health inequities. She has expertise in evaluation and participatory, co-designed research, working with peer researchers to access and amplify excluded voices, knowledge, worldviews and community solutions that build resilience and enable change.

Jo welcomes inquiries for PhD projects and research collaborations to address inequities in health.

Increasing Capacity and Capability of GPs to Provide Hepatitis B Testing and Follow-Up Management for Chinese and Vietnamese Community Members
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Codesign of a Health Literacy Framework (CaLD): Supporting Sexual Health Providers Meet the Needs of CaLD Young People
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Evaluation of the Program of Assistance for Survivors of Torture and Trauma
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