Susanna Cramb
Senior Research Fellow – Statistics

Susanna joined the AusHSI team in June 2019 as a Statistician. Her research experience spans the academic and not-for-profit sectors, and she has collaborated with government organisations domestically and internationally (Queensland Health, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, New Zealand Ministry of Health).

Susanna’s research focus is to quantify and understand differences in health outcomes based on where people live, with a particular interest in cancer, injuries and diabetes-related complications. Often this involves understanding and analysing large linked administrative datasets, requiring advanced skills in data management and complex modelling techniques. Achieving real-world impact is her goal, and her work has directly informed government policy aimed at reducing cancer inequalities based on residential location.

susanna cramb

The Australian Cancer Atlas Phase 2

Queensland Injury Atlas Beta

Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation Accessibility Index Queensland (iTRAQI)

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