Xing Lee
Visiting Fellow

Xing Lee joins AusHSI as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow specialising in the area of statistics, with a particular interest in the modelling of infectious disease, statistical analysis of observational data and the development of statistical methodology.  He has been involved in a wide range of statistical consultancies and is currently assisting with a number of projects, including economic evaluations for Queensland Genomics Health AllianceThe Centre of Research Excellence in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections and MacKay HealthPathways.

Prior to joining AusHSI, Xing worked as a statistician with the Demography and Indigenous Statistics Unit, Queensland Government Statistician’s Office, where he was involved in producing regular analyses on Indigenous statistics, including health outcomes, and was responsible for refining the statistical methods and processes used in the analyses.

Xing holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honors) and PhD in Statistics from QUT, where he was awarded a number of highly acclaimed academic prizes, including the QUT Medal for Academic Excellence in 2011.

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Xing Lee