We are a renowned health services research organisation with an unwavering commitment to improving the quality and value of healthcare services.


Our practice is driven by robust research which leads us to our recommendations, decisions and strategies.


We are disciplined and accountable, using leading-edge transdisciplinary research methods to provide accurate long-term solutions.

Impartial approach

We let our evidence-based approach deliver impartial, ethical and unbiased insights.

Specialised in health sector

We have a deep understanding and rich knowledge of health services and systems and are experts in our field.

Connected with thought leaders and clinicians

We collaborate extensively with leading health experts and our research influences local, national and international policy and practice.

Established track record

Founded in 2011, we are one of Australia’s largest health services research groups trusted to deliver high-impact projects across a variety of disciplines and health service areas.

Part of QUT

We are a major research centre of QUT, a leading Australian University, and our shared purpose is to provide ‘real-world’, transformative research and education.