Celebrating 10 Years of Partnering to Improve Health Services Delivery

3rd November 2021

When we talk about how to optimise value-based care, and rediverting our essential health dollar into areas with maximum impact, there are no longer any blank faces at the table.

AusHSI has had a huge role to play in lifting that literacy around health economics. It has been outstanding.” Dr David Rosengren, Executive Director, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital at Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation (AusHSI). It is time to celebrate the difference AusHSI’s research has made in Australia.

Over the last decade, AusHSI has been at the forefront of the fast-growing field of health services research and has had significant impact on changing the way health services are partnering to deliver over 150 innovative research projects. These range from small projects helping clinicians change practice in their local health service, through to national programs that significantly change the way all Australian health services deliver care.

Professor Steven McPhail, Academic Director at AusHSI, comments:

“AusHSI has become a leader for the improvement of health services in Australia and has developed a national and international reputation for excellence.”

Offering a unique combination of health economics, implementation science, statistics and data analysis, AusHSI has become an invaluable partner for health service organisations aiming to improve the value and effectiveness of their services.

McPhail adds:

“By partnering and supporting clinicians and their teams who have found a way to improve health services, we’ve helped change the way that those services go about delivering care, and this has impact on people’s lives. It has improved the efficiency of the health system.”

For ten years AusHSI has embodied QUT’s Real World principles, partnering on numerous projects with practical benefits for clinicians, hospitals and health consumers. Learn about AusHSI’s research projects and impact areas.

AusHSI has also built the capacity of health service organisations to evolve and improve by leading significant education initiatives. Find out more.

Looking to the future, AusHSI is now an important partner on major digital healthcare projects, including applying health economics to support decision making at point of care. Its teams of health economists, implementation scientists, and statisticians will be critical as Australia’s health sector transforms over the next decade.

Watch AusHSI’s 10th anniversary event, which coincided with the launch of QUT Faculty of Health’s new Real Health lecture series.
The event included a panel discussion on Transforming healthcare over the next 10 years including the acceleration of Australia’s need for more efficient healthcare services and what needs to be done to navigate this new reality successfully.

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