Nicole White
Program Lead – Infectious Disease

Nicole is a statistician with ten years’ experience in cross-disciplinary research and consultancy. She holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) and PhD in Statistics from QUT. Nicole has contributed her expertise in statistical methods and their application to several areas across health and medical research, including complex disease modelling, epidemiology, bioinformatics, and infection control.

At AusHSI, Nicole works closely with project partners developing robust study designs and analysing data to guide evidence-based decision making. Her experience working with health datasets ranges from local hospital databases to national-level clinical trials and international cohort studies.

Nicole leads the statistical analysis of several AusHSI projects, focussing on digital health, hospital services and critical care. Her knowledge of statistics covers traditional and advanced techniques, including Bayesian inference, disease mapping, and multivariable methods for analysing longitudinal and time-to-event data. She believes strongly in working in partnership with healthcare providers to ensure that statistical analyses are both robust and fit-for-purpose for use in decision making.

Outside of her current AusHSI projects, Nicole is interested in meta-research to improve the transparent conduct and reporting of statistical analysis in health and medical research.

Nicole White