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Nicole White
Research Fellow- Statistics

As an experienced statistician, Nicole specialises in the application of Bayesian statistics to health and medical research, including spatial epidemiology, longitudinal data analysis, predictive modelling and consulting for clinical work.

Nicole has been involved in various projects that focus on the development of statistical methodology and its application to health data. This includes a project with the CRCSI that used spatial information to identify geographic inequalities in relation to disease risk and health service utilisation, with the aim of providing policy decision makers with the tools to make informed resourcing decisions. This is now a national project, with a project outcome of a nationwide interactive atlas for cancer outcomes.

Nicole began her career in statistics at QUT’s School of Mathematical Sciences in 2005. In 2011 she completed her PhD in statistics and has continued to work at QUT over the years as a Research Associate, Lecturer and Research Fellow, before joining AusHSI in 2017.