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Sanjeewa Kularatna
Senior Research Fellow – Health Economics

Sanjeewa joined the AusHSI team as a Health Economist in 2017. He has clinical dentistry experience and holds an additional degree in public health, as well as a PhD in health economics from Griffith University.

With a background in epidemiology, bio statistics and econometric techniques, Sanjeewa has extensive experience conducting research around consumer behaviour in healthcare systems in both developed and developing countries. His research agenda seeks to move our understanding beyond the well-known social and economic determinants of inequality and consider behavioural attitudes and preferences that feed inequalities in healthcare.

A quantitative analyst focusing on consumer choice and demand, Sanjeewa has developed expertise in a range of econometric and statistical techniques through his PhD research, publications, and wider micro-economic work. His areas of interest are health economics, public health, health system improvements and outcome measurements. He has published widely in health economics and public health peer reviewed journals.

Sanjeewa possesses experience working for the public sector in the area of projects, policy and programs. He has collaborated with multiple state governments within Australia, including QLD Health, WA Health, and Primary Health Networks, to evaluate healthcare programmes and clinical trials.