World Bronchiectasis Day

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World Bronchiectasis Day is held on 1 July and aims to raise awareness, share knowledge, and discuss ways to reduce the burden of bronchiectasis for patients and their families worldwide. Learn how the Cough and Airways Research group at AusHSI is focused on improving the lung health and quality of life of children with bronchiectasis.

The why, what and how of bronchiectasis

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It has now been shown that, if bronchiectasis is picked up early in children, appropriate management can reverse the radiological airway damage in some patients. It is therefore crucial that children are diagnosed early and receive the best medical care.

Your guide to bronchiectasis resources

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Many parents have not heard of bronchiectasis until their child has been diagnosed.  It is often at this point that parents seek out further information, and our respiratory research group has developed several resources to support families.

Researcher Spotlight: Sundresan Naicker

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Dr Sundresan Naicker, AusHSI Research Fellow - Implementation Science, highlights health system improvement as the driving force of health services innovation.

Researcher Spotlight: Qing Xia

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Dr Qing Xia, AusHSI Research Fellow - Health Economics, explores the ways in which health services innovation can optimise the performance of the health system.

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