Researcher Spotlight: Sundresan Naicker

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Dr Sundresan Naicker, AusHSI Research Fellow - Implementation Science, highlights health system improvement as the driving force of health services innovation.

Researcher Spotlight: Qing Xia

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Dr Qing Xia, AusHSI Research Fellow - Health Economics, explores the ways in which health services innovation can optimise the performance of the health system.

12th Health Services Research Conference (HSRAANZ)

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The AusHSI Research Team had a strong presence at the 12th Health Services Research Conference. Delegates explored themes of resilience, innovation and value, and the role of HSR in embedding these principles into our health systems.

Researcher Spotlight: Wendell Cockshaw

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Dr Wendell Cockshaw, AusHSI Senior Research Fellow - Statistics, explores how the digital transformation of healthcare is helping to find solutions to major public health challenges.

Researcher Spotlight: David Borg

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AusHSI Research Fellow David Borg has expertise in exercise physiology, statistics, and meta-science. In this blog, David shares his perspectives on the importance of health services innovation.

AusHSI-JTI Trauma Week

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The impact of sustaining an injury on an individual can be life altering. Learn how AusHSI and JTI are working to transform trauma care in Queensland and beyond.

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