Researcher Spotlight: Kamila Davidson

Q&A with Dr Kamila Davidson, AusHSI Research Associate

Q: What expertise do you bring to AusHSI?
A: I bring my extensive skills in conducting qualitative research, deep understanding of prevention and management of childhood obesity and experience in engaging with groups with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. As an early career researcher, there is still so much I want to improve, learn about and develop!

Q: Why is health services research important?
A: Maintaining the status quo in how health services operate is simply not an option. I strongly believe that the only way to enhance how and where health services operate, and who can access them, is to conduct innovative and collaborative research that can be swiftly implemented in the real world. This is important to improve the acceptability, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health services to optimise the health of communities and individuals.

Q: What does health services innovation mean to you?
A: Discovering more efficient, reliable and value-based ways to work within and across different health services. To find solutions that enhance delivery of healthcare by leveraging existing resources and introducing original ideas and advances in technology into real world settings. In short – doing what needs to be done in a better and safer way.

Q: What inspires you most in your research?
I am inspired by complex problems which I endeavor to thoroughly understand, unpack, and provide meaningful and comprehensive solutions to. I always remember that behind each research project are real people, families and children, whose lives will be impacted by the work I’m involved in, and this is what motivates me to do the best I can.

Q: What do you see as the main challenges facing Australia’s health system?
A: I feel that equity is the biggest challenge facing the health system. Specifically, the issues around how to ensure that we have equity when it comes to what health services and expertise are available within the health system in Australia. I see a real challenge in accessibility and affordability for the population, across different demographics and cultural groups and especially among people residing in regional and rural areas and for whom English is a second language. My vision for Australia and the world is for all people to have easy access to quality health care services.

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