aushsi EDDIEResearching Early Detection of Deterioration in Elderly Residents (EDDIE+)

2019 – 2023


Why the research project was important

Over the last decade there has been a 31% increase in admissions to aged care services in Australia, and today more than 200,000 Australians call a residential aged care (RAC) facility home. Many of these residents are frail with escalating comorbidities and the priority for medical care is management rather than cure. However, this group are frequent users of hospital services, with admissions being stressful, costly and often unnecessary or preventable.

What the research sought to do

The study was a stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial (read the protocol paper here), evaluating a facility-driven hospital avoidance program in twelve Bolton Clarke RAC homes. The four core elements of the program included:

– Education and training of all nursing and care staff
– Use of diagnostic equipment for clinical assessment and monitoring in each home
– Use of decision support tools
– Empowerment of nursing and care staff via the establishment of ongoing clinical mentoring and support systems.

What were the research outcomes/ impact

The study aimed to determine the effectiveness and cost-consequences of the EDDIE+ program in reducing hospital bed days and improving resident care outcomes. The study also evaluated the process and impact of the program (read the process evaluation protocol here), looking at the barriers and facilitators within implementation. Data is in the final stages of analysis with results to be published shortly.

Funding Body

National Health and Medical Research Council, Medical Research Future Fund, Keeping Australians Out of Hospital Grant (GNT 1177501)

Chief Investigators

Professor Gillian Harvey – QUT, Flinders University
Professor Trudy Dwyer – Central Queensland University

Professor Nicholas Graves – QUT, Duke-National University of Singapore

Dr Lynne Parkinson – University of Newcastle

Dr Hannah Carter – QUT

Dr Xing Lee – QUT

Associate Professor Florin Oprescu – University of the Sunshine Coast

Associate Professor Liz Cyarto – Bolton Clarke Research Institute

Dr Claudia Meyer – Bolton Clarke Research Institute

Associate Professor Jeffrey Rowland – Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Associate Investigators

Professor Kerry Reid-Searl – Central Queensland University

Dr Barbara O’Neill – Central Queensland University, University of Connecticut

Ms Kaye Coates