EDDIE+ is a program that combines education, decision support tools, additional medical equipment and the support of an onsite clinical facilitator. These resources have been designed as part of the educational component of EDDIE+ and aim to extend and refresh knowledge for recognising and reporting changes in residents that may indicate they are in the early stages of deterioration.

There are three sets of resources: for personal care workers, for nursing staff and for training facilitators.

The Introductory training provides core information on risk factors for deterioration, how to recognise early signs of deterioration and how to respond. The Extension sessions aim to reinforce concepts learnt in the Introductory training.

If you would like editable versions for any resources please email contact@aushsi.org.au

Personal Care Worker Resources

PCW Introductory training

Resident deterioration


Resident deterioration scenario 1

Resident deterioration scenario 2

Resident deterioration scenario 3