Value-based Trauma Care
Understanding the Effectiveness of a New Trauma Admitting Service Model


Why the research project is important

Modern trauma care is complex, nuanced and rapidly changing. Ensuring patients get the best care in this time-critical environment is challenging. Previous research suggests that patients receive leading-edge treatments sooner, and reductions in both mortality and trauma-related readmissions are achieved, when care is managed by a trauma specialist-led, multidisciplinary team who hold direct admitting rights rather than operating as a consulting service. The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Trauma Service recently changed from a consultative service to an admitting service, with the aim of improving care for trauma patients in Queensland.

What the research seeks to do

Until late 2021, the RBWH Trauma Service provided care via a consulting service while overall care was managed by another department, (e.g. orthopaedics). The RBWH Trauma Service now admits and therefore manages the overall care of such patients. This study seeks to understand the impact that the new admitting service model of care has on patient care, variations in patient outcomes, including length of stay and complication rates, as well as treatment costs post-implementation. A multi-method format will be used to assess this impact, including clinician and patient interviews, and qualitative data analysis.

What are the research outcomes/ impact

This study will determine the acceptability, adoption, sustainability and the impact on patient outcomes of the new trauma admitting service model at RBWH. In addition, the study will explore the mechanisms underlying successful (or unsuccessful) implementation. This study is the first to assess the implementation of an innovative, specialist-led, multidisciplinary admitting service model for trauma care in Queensland. Insights from this project will inform future planning of the Queensland Trauma System as a whole.

Funding Body

This project is jointly funded by Metro North Health and QUT, through the Metro North Collaborative Research Grant scheme.

Further Details

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