Australian federal and state governments are investing in digital healthcare systems at an unprecedented rate. Well organised and fit-for-purpose digital healthcare systems have the potential to transform the way all sectors of the healthcare system operate.

However, research in the digital health field is in its infancy. In many cases, health services are struggling to realise the anticipated benefits of their investment, with their digital systems often simply used as an alternative to paper-based methods of recording and storing information.

What we do

This program of research investigates how digital disruption of healthcare systems can lead to safer, more effective, and more efficient healthcare services.

AusHSI has a special interest in digital disruption in healthcare environments as an unprecedented opportunity for improving value-based care and reducing non-beneficial care. We are not only interested in novel technical solutions, but also the implementation and human elements of healthcare teams and patient interactions that underpin successful digital transformations, as well as their economic sustainability.

As a partnering member of the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, AusHSI manages several research projects in this program area led by our Academic Director, Professor Steven McPhail.