The Future of Trauma Data:
A Vision for 2032

Why the research project is important

Digital health systems and data linkage technologies in Queensland have advanced significantly over the last ten years and provide opportunities for more comprehensive insights and more evidence-based responses to direct trauma management and prevention in the future. For widespread understanding and support of the use of these innovative systems and technologies, a range of stakeholders need exposure to the vision and potential, including clinicians, industry, researchers, policy makers, and community members.

What the research seeks to do

Following on from the 2020 Jamieson Trauma Institute (JTI) and QUT Creative Industries collaboration on the short film A Future Vision of Trauma Care in QLD, which focused on the future journey of the trauma care patient, this project aimed to produce a film that would examine the role that healthcare data analytics plays in the patient journey. The focus was on illustrating the importance of this process as a predictive tool that can actually help improve efficiencies and outcomes for the patient’s quality of life.

Produced and directed by QUT’s Sorin Oancea and Joe Carter, The Future of Trauma Data is a vision for 2032. This video is the culmination of six months of intense collaboration between the JTI trauma data analytics team led by Professor Kirsten Vallmuur, and the QUT Creative Industries film and animation teams led by Joe Carter and Sorin Oancea. Whilst what is depicted in the video may seem futuristic due to the outstanding animations the team has produced, all of the digital solutions and uses of data are based on very real opportunities available now. Innovative Virtual Production techniques were used to create future-film sets and environments that complement the story of our patient ‘John’, played by actor Errol Morrison.

What are the research outcomes/ impact

This project communicates a clear vision of the future opportunities for trauma management and prevention, which harness connected digital health platforms and innovative medical technologies enabling a broad range of stakeholders to understand the critical importance of data for improving patient journeys and outcomes.

Funding Body

Jamieson Trauma Institute

Further Details

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