Transport and Work-Related Injury Compensation Linkage And Injury Management Study (CLAIMS)

Why the research project is important

Injured people may pursue compensation under a variety of insurance schemes to support their treatment and recovery expenses. Health care costs often form a significant portion of a claim, however, insurance scheme regulators can access limited healthcare information. Health data provide richer information and a broader population level source of information for this purpose. Linking health data with compensation data enables the comparison of profiles, patterns, trends and outcomes of injured patients who claim, injured parties who are eligible but don’t claim, and injured parties who fall outside the scope of compensation schemes but contribute to the injury burden.

What the research seeks to do

This study seeks to develop robust data linkage processes and methodologies for linking health and compensation data at the population level. Using this framework, more accurate understanding of service utilisation profiles and treatment pathways through the health and compensation systems can be achieved. People with transport-related or work-related injuries are the focus of this study.

What are the research outcomes/ impact

This study will evaluate the quality and value of this framework for addressing stakeholder information needs, and will compare the health service use profiles, costs, treatment pathways and outcome trajectories of compensable and non-compensable patients using these linked data.

Further Details

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QUT / Jamieson Trauma Institute

Kirsten Vallmuur

Angela Watson

Victoria McCreanor

Susanna Cramb

Rex Parsons

Jacelle Warren

Shahera Banu

Brett Droder

Cate Cameron

Shannon Dias

Jesani Catchpoole

QLD Treasury / MAIC

Michael Clacher

Youyou Luo

Arie van den Berg

Office of Industrial Relations

Sebastian Bielen

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Christopher Tsockallos

Workcover Queensland

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