Embracing the implementation and use of digital information in Metro South Hospital and Health Service


Why the research project is important

The COVID-19 response has greatly accelerated the design and implementation of digital health solutions, particularly in the fields of decision support and virtual care. There are lessons to be learned from the accelerated delivery of digital health solutions related to clinical informatics systems and processes.

What the research seeks to do

This project aims to provide an in-depth understanding of how clinical informatics solutions and digital health system-associated information are being used to support patient care. Evaluating the success of key digital health initiatives helps decision makers understand when, and how, services should be sustainably retained and supported, removed, improved, or replaced.

What are the research outcomes/ impact

The outcomes of this research will inform service improvement work and sustainability, as well as help set priorities for digital health activity in Metro hospitals (across Queensland and nationally). They will also provide an evidence base to support the implementation, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of other clinical informatics initiatives.

Funding Body

The Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre

Further Details

Seven PhD students have been recruited as part of this project to support research into digital health and decision support programs.


Professor Steven McPhail

A/Professor Amina Tariq

Dr Bridget Abell

Dr Nicole White

A/Professor Sanjeewa Kularatna

Dr Hannah Carter

Dr Sundresan Naicker

Carly Dyer

Professor Matthew Bellgard

Dr Susanna Cramb

Metro South Health

Professor Steven McPhail

Mr Cameron Ballantine

Mr Stephen Canaris

Dr Raelene Donovan

Dr Ahmad Abdel-Hafaz

Mr Alan Scanlon

Professor Ian Scott