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The Australian Centre For Health Services Innovation (AusHSI) is a research, consultancy and training organisation.

Combining leading-edge knowledge with hands-on, practical experience, AusHSI partners to deliver innovation and improvements for better health services. We enable health service organisations to evolve and improve based on latest research. We integrate research findings into policy and practice, and help make changes that result in greater efficiencies and enhanced patient outcomes.

We are committed to advancing new ideas with positive impact and championing partnerships between researchers, clinicians and policymakers.

With a talented team made up of health economists, statisticians, health service and implementation science researchers, we deliver competitively funded research programs and also offer a range of tailored consultancy services.

Our researchers lead a number of large-scale competitively-funded research projects. Click here to read our research.

We partner on a consultancy basis with health service organisations to provide a range of solutions. Find out more about our consultancy projects.

We provide a range of training and development options to suit the needs of different health service organisations. Learn more about how we can help your organisation.

About Us


AusHSI has been working in partnership with researchers, clinicians and policy makers since 2011. We assist organisations to align research activities with strategic priorities, develop a culture where learning, research and improvements are encouraged, empower healthcare professionals to implement and sustain innovations, identify high quality, novel research, and evaluate research outcomes to guide decision making and maximise investment.


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Higher Degree Research at AusHSI


AusHSI strongly values the wealth of real-world knowledge and insights its students bring to the group, and our experienced researchers currently supervise a number of PhD students, with several supported via our competitively funded research grants. Students at AusHSI have the unique opportunity to not only be mentored by our highly experienced multidisciplinary researchers, but to be treated as a valued member of the AusHSI research team.


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