The emerging discipline of implementation science is increasingly important.

Effectively translating research evidence into practice is challenging. Perhaps the largest barrier is a lack of knowledge of how to apply research to implement and sustain better services in a complex health services environment. While evidence to support innovations may be available, there is a need for that evidence to be presented appropriately and tailored to the innovation context. There is also often a need for active facilitation of the innovation within health services.

What we do

AusHSI is at the forefront of implementation science. It was the first health services research group in Australia to combine an analysis of the cost effectiveness and implementation aspects of health service interventions. This provides decision-makers with unique insights into an intervention’s value and effectiveness, as well as its acceptability and sustainability.

By partnering with AusHSI, organisations can benefit from expert guidance and services, as well as from rigorous, evidence-based approaches that result in sustained innovations and improved patient outcomes.

Below is a selection of our projects that feature health economics/ implementation science/ statistics and data analysis as interdisciplinary components.

Intervention for Appropriate Care and Treatment

Researching Early Detection of Deterioration in Elderly Residents

Congenital Heart Disease Long-term Improvements in Functional Health+

LOCal Assessment and Triage Evaluation of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Partnership projects with the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre

Developing a New Model of Care for Mental Health Services in the Bowen Basin

Integrated Care Innovation Fund

Centre of Research Excellence in Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections

Researching Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals

Medibank – Partnering for High Value Prosthesis Selection and Better Patient Outcomes

Rapid Applied Research Translation Initiative Strategies to Reduce Low Value Care

Defence Health Cardiac Rehab – Driving Transformative Improvements in Cardiac Rehabilitation Services