The sustainable provision of accessible and effective healthcare is one of the greatest challenges facing government and healthcare system administrators.

On one hand, demand for healthcare is rising; on the other, assessments and treatments are typically becoming more expensive. Furthermore, new treatments are often introduced without clear information regarding their cost-effectiveness. This situation is not helped by existing funding models that primarily reward clinical activity, rather than the value received by patients in the context of their life.

What we do

Our team apply leading health economics methodologies to provide clear, actionable evidence with which to inform resource-allocation decisions in healthcare services and government policy. We evaluate potential or actual health service changes, providing decision-makers with evidence-based insights. These insights allow leaders to invest in innovations with optimal benefits and returns on investment.

Our specialised processes give decision-makers quality evidence to confidently allocate budgets and determine which innovations should be supported for implementation. Our work in this area also advances the field of value-based healthcare. Cost reduction alone is not sufficient to inform strategy. Healthcare needs to maintain the goal of value for patients i.e. what matters most to them.