Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity globally. In Australia, CVD accounts for a third of all deaths and more than half a million hospitalisations.

Despite recent developments (age-adjusted measures) in understanding the burden of CVD, major challenges remain. These include the ageing population, increasing rates of CVD risk factors, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, socio-economic disparities, and effective, but costly, new technologies.

What we do

Current research priorities include: developing better measures of health-related quality of life that work across the broad spectrum of cardiac disease; economic evaluation of treatments of coronary artery disease (the single largest component of the burden of CVD); and the evaluation of safe and efficient strategies for the management of common clinical problems (e.g. patients presenting to hospital with acute chest pain).

Led by AusHSI Clinical Director, Professor William Parsonage, AusHSI’s Cardiac Health Services group brings together clinical and health service researchers in local, national and international collaboration to address the burden of CVD.

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