Primary and community health services encompass general practice, dentistry, allied health services, maternal and child health, mental health services, home and community care services, including aged care and hospital outpatient services.

Primary and community health services aim to promote health, prevent illness and support people to manage their health issues in the community, and avoid hospital.

What we do

We help partners in primary and community health services to evaluate new models of care, with a particular focus on integrated models of care.

Our evaluation processes give decision-makers quality evidence with which they can confidently reallocate budgets for better services. Our work also helps determine which promising innovations should be supported for implementation. It guides policy perspectives and future research as well as innovation investment strategy.

Community health projects, including those with culturally and linguistically diverse groups of people, tend to involve AusHSI in a participatory codesign of policies and services. Essentially, we work closely with the community to design new, evidence-base models of care, and assist with translating evidence into practice.

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ICIF (Integrated Care Innovation Fund)