Value based healthcare and economics for leadership

The rough and tumble of managing health services can mean leaders struggle to make decisions that optimise efficiency.

This workshop will allow you to formalise select economic theories relevant to the allocation of scarce healthcare resources. A range of considerations other than efficiency will be discussed, with opportunity to debate the merits of not being efficient but meeting other constraints or concerns such as fairness.

There are currently no dates set for this course.  If you are interested in hosting AusHSI to run a course at your HHS, please get in touch via email

Who is this course designed for?

Senior leaders in health and related industries.

Content overview

This workshop will encourage health leaders to think of economics more often when making decisions. Participants will be expected to:

  • examine health leadership problems through an ‘economic’ lens
  • gain knowledge of how to use economics for decision-making, including measurement of costs and health effects
  • identify opportunities to apply economics frameworks in complex health environments


  • As a board member, it’s been useful to hear discussions on this topic, gain insights and hear about research that has real applicability for governance of our HHS – Board member of a regional Qld HHS.
  • This session on economics has been particularly useful because we generally look at finance and at quality of care – so it’s been great to think through those economic principles.
  • As a senior clinician, this day has been extraordinarily useful. All clinicians should be required to attend these workshops, and to have the training delivered in a mixed group (not just clinicians) is very useful. This workshop will shape my own approach in developing new business cases.
  • As a HHS leader, I would bring this training to a cohort within my senior leadership team.
  • It’s been good to bring clinicians of different disciplines together, and remove the clinical silos through doing these exercises in a shared environment.
  • Very useful to look at different ways of how to value different projects, and think about how we might change our pitch for different projects based on these perspectives.
  • All clinicians should have to do this.