Trauma & Injury

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The incidence of injury carries an enormous cost for the Australian community. As the leading cause of death in 1−44-year-olds, injury is a substantial burden on the Australian healthcare system.

Trauma is a time-critical, complex clinical challenge: it requires efficient acute and rehabilitation pathways, facilitated by multiple specialties, to maximise patient survival and minimise adverse outcomes.

Quantifying the value and efficacy of treatment within this complex field requires integrated data across systems, technologies that enable long-term patient follow-up, and interdisciplinary approaches to improve service delivery.

What we do

In this research program, AusHSI and the Jamieson Trauma Institute (JTI) partner to build new research and clinical capability in trauma systems. The program is focused on strong, collaborative relationships between academic, clinical, government and community partners. It concentrates on eight overarching themes: quality of care and processes, injury prevention, data quality and analytics, clinical trials, education and training, rehabilitation and outcome measurement, virtual trauma delivery, and innovation and diagnostics.

AusHSI-JTI team
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