Australians spend $185 billion annually on healthcare 40% is spent on acute care provided in hospitals, this proportion is higher than all but three other OECD countries.

With such a disproportionate percentage of healthcare being delivered in hospitals, even small improvements in value-based care can see huge savings that can theoretically be used towards preventive health and wellness.

What we do

Since a significant portion of healthcare in Australia is delivered in the hospital system, much of AusHSI’s research happens in hospitals. It is an area of healthcare where our work has huge impact on both optimising the value of care delivered but also improving the health outcomes for patients.

AusHSI has particular expertise in partnering with tertiary hospitals. We have worked with major hospital and healthcare services such as Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Metro South Hospital and Health Service and Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service.

Our evaluations and trial outcomes give decision-makers quality evidence with which they can confidently reallocate budgets and redesign services. Our research helps determine which innovations should be supported for broader implementation, and guide policy perspectives, future research and innovation investment strategy.

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